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about me

Passionate About Creating Successful Leaders and Brilliant Experiences

I am an international experience and confidence coach, executive advisor, keynote speaker, author, and expert on building brilliant human experiences using people-centered design and data analytics.


As a proud self-confessed people data and research nerd, I constantly push to challenge the way we think about the way we approach end-to-end elements of our critical life experiences, including the way we work. I partner with key business decision leaders to take practical approaches to employee experience, leadership coaching, and well-being issues by using data driven approaches to drive solutions and actions.


My style is curious and unapologetic, but always steeped in genuine partnership, empathy, and humor.


I have consulted for several companies including tech start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies to help them position their culture and employer value proposition - with a focus on employee experience, organizational listening, employee voice architecture, and people analytics. I apply a data-centric and contextual approach to finding innovative solutions to help with business decision support. I work to help organizations to genuinely listen to their employees and find balance between their culture, employees, and frankly, their bottom line goals.


In addition, I am a professor at Clemson University where I teach Predictive Analytics for the Executive Leadership Doctoral Program for the Department of Management within the College of Business.


I am also a dynamic speaker who coaches organizations, teams, and individuals on reaching their leadership goals through taking control of their voice, space, and energy. I am an advocate for creating balance through well-being and protecting your peace. I make it my mission to help others walk into their Main Character Season – be it for work or for personal transformation or goals. 

I am focused on helping individuals and organizations by using people-centered design and research to find new, strategic, and innovative ways to #thinkdifferently about people, technology and work - as well as personal and professional growth through the lens of experience architecture and management.


You can always count on me to tell you the #KOTruths.

....and now some of the other boring stuff about me to get out of the way...

have over 15 years of experience working and consulting both internally and externally with people data in academic, non-profit, and corporate settings (including Fortune 100 companies). I have a Ph.D in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Clemson University (go tigers!). I also have certification in People Analytics from M.I.T.

If you can’t find me, I am probably taking a nap or plotting a way to visit a beach, especially in my native country of Trinidad and Tobago.



My coaching method focuses on six major things:

-What this the experience that you actually want to create?

-What are you doing now and why are you doing it this way?

-How can we make this simpler and more efficient?

-How can we challenge ourselves to create something better?

-How can we apply people-centered design into this solution?

-How can the solution balance people, data, technology, and experience?


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