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The Ko Experience

I can empower you create real EXPERIENCE transformation

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InclUSive Analytics


If DE&I is truly a strategic priority, you need strong data architecture, global privacy studies, readiness assessments, and robust analytics in place to help you be successful.

CertifyXM Vendor Process Management

Invest in an experienced XM/survey vendor consultant who can assess the your needs, design your RFP, and advise you in process - saving you serious time and money while getting the most optimal  outcome.

GROW Leader / Team Assimilation

New leaders and teams often need to get through the forming and storming process quickly, which can be hard to de when there are fast deadlines, distributed team or changing strategy. This facilitated workshop is just what is needed. This workshop is also great for established teams that need a reboot or just to reconnect.

4P Employee Experience (EX) Transformation

Your employee experience is a product and both establishes and reinforces your employer brand value. A data-driven and cost-effective EX strategy is in reach.

L.E.D.Better Executive Coaching

Based on our proven L.E.D. behavioral method, I coach executive and senior leaders to create their value proposition, and tailor their success behaviors to transform into successful outcomes.

The name speaks for itself! Individualized 1:1 sessions or custom-tailored group workshops geared to empowering you with the tools to step out, stand up, and to be successful. This is tailored to individuals seeking personal growth or preparation for big  personal or professional moves. For leaders at all levels, this program will help you find your  balance and courage to walk into your main character season. MORE

MyDNA People Voice & Listening Design

Using our proven Organizational Signal Theory© we design a comprehensive and customized people listening system that fits your company's EX needs.

360+5 Behavioral Leadership Feedback

This feedback system focuses on both leadership behaviors and organizational relationships that drive both cultural and business success allowing the leader to create practical development plans.

My Mind, My Shortcuts, and Me Cognitive Bias Training

Our mind is a powerful thing! Our cognitive biases are what can stop us from making the best decisions, and they can flag us to when our mind needs a break. In business, especially when making decisions that impact how we lead and on the livelihood of others, it is crucial to understand how these cognitive biases work, and how we can override them when necessary.

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